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Please pray for a group of staff and church members who are traveling to Liberia over the next few weeks to work with and encourage ministry partners in the country!

Please pray for Cile Vickery and her extended family as her sister, Carol Copeland, passed away on Friday, October 4th, after battling primary progressive aphasia for four years. 

SYRIA EMERGENCY: Christians need urgent prayer and support as conflict escalates in northern Syria!
40,000 to 50,000 Christians are caught up in the escalating conflict in northern Syria, as Turkish troops attack Kurdish-led forces. Please pray for all those fleeing for their lives. The Christians fleeing have even more to fear: not just the fighting but the freedom that extremists will have as the situation unravels. Please pray urgently!


Al and Pat Rhea have been staff members with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) since 1973. They served in Kenya and Uganda for 21 years, then 10 years at the Christian Embassy in Washington, DC. Currently they are part of the local Cru Executive Ministry, ministering with professional and business leaders in the Greenville area. However, their primary ministry thrust is gathering and distributing prayer requests for ministries in Southern and Eastern Africa (SEA). This is accomplished using the interactive website, weekly prayer focus emails, and several Facebook postings. Al and Pat have three married children and a single daughter who is also on staff with Cru. They have twelve grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Way to Pray: Pray for an increase in the number of faithfully committed to Pray4SEA prayer partners. Pray for Pat as she adjusts to her limited activities. Pray she can have more opportunities for encouragement from home.  


On November 15 and 16, Fellowship Greenville will be hosting The Crescent Project: Bridges. Bridges teaches how to use similar concepts as a bridge to understanding. This seminar allows you to gain biblical insight into Islamic history and Muslim beliefs, while providing useful next steps and stories that help you put the teaching into practice. The content is understandable even without much prior knowledge of Islam, and deep enough to be valuable to those seeking to build on what they already know about Muslims.

Register on The Crescent Project. Registration fee is $29. This event will take place in Auditorium Two on Friday, November 15, from 6-9pm, and Saturday, November 16, from 9am-1pm.

  • Patrick Emery and his team are busy planning 7-10 spring break trips focused on outdoor leadership for college students. Please pray that the planning goes well.
  • Pray for Gwyneth Shepperson (Slovakia) as she continues to adjust to living in the states again and attending college here.  
  • Pray for the Foths as they continue to prepare to move to Australia and do ministry there!
The American Cancer Society is holding a fundraising gala on November 8th from 7pm until 11pm and they need several volunteers! They are looking for volunteers for before, during, and after the event including auction package pick up, arranging decor, IT help, coat check, auction runners, tear down, and more. If you are interested in helping out, contact Tammy Harrison at 864.420.2839 or for more info!

This is the final week of the HOPE Challenge! If you've got any items to return or bring in for the HOPE Challenge, we will be accepting them for one more Sunday. Baby bottles for Piedmont Women's Center can be dropped in a bin at the Next Steps desk. Food and clothes can be dropped in their respective bins in Commons East.

The final week of the HOPE Challenge is a focus on missionary prayer and care. Monetary donations and prayer commitment cards can be dropped in the offering plates! If you did not receive a prayer card and commitment card, we have a limited amount at the Faith@Home Center or you can check out our missionary prayer needs on the website!


Lt. Matthew Clark
Caleb Ford
2nd Lieutenant Parker Lewis
SFC Josh McSpadden
Cpt. Laura Rodgers
Major Tiffany Scheivert
...and the many others who are in active military service.

Layla Barker
Karyl Brandon
Mercedes Benitez
Robert Black
Casey Clifton
Caleb Chewning
Greg Cornwell
Ron Critser
Renae Davies

Bill DeVaney
Karen Florenza
Lynn Gleason
Marty Gonzalez
Debbie Gonzalez
Scott Hannon
Judy Harmon
Joe Heaton
Susan Huggins
Linda James

Tom Koepke
Sandra Lipscomb
Laura Lewis
Vernon Long
Charlotte Mathers
Sue McElwee
Robyn Miller
Theresa Poole
Janine Slocum

Annick Pays's father
Tita Salloum
Tom Spake
Karen Starring's father
Brittany Thomas
Tim Zeiss

Bogota, Colombia: Aug 03-Aug 10
La Vega, Dominican Republic: Oct 07-Oct 14
Barranquilla, Colombia: Oct 12-Oct 19
Vonzua, Liberia: Nov 30-Dec 09
Senegal, West Africa: Jan 17-Jan 26
Athens, Greece: May 02-May 16
Monterrey, Mexico: Jun 12-Jun 18
Cali, Colombia: Jun 13-Jun 20
Lexington, SC: Jul 12-Jul 18
Nicaragua: Jul 17-Jul 23
Bogota, Colombia: Aug 01-Aug 08
Port au Prince, Haiti: Sep 18-Sep 24
Barranquilla, Colombia: Oct 10-Oct 17
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