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Please pray for Al and Robin Fleming as Al had surgery on August 21st to replace 2 herniated discs in his neck. Pray that the weakness and tingling in his arms and legs are healed. 

Maddox, the oldest son of Tyler and Ashley Rehn, was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Please lift them in prayer during this tremendously difficult time. 

Pray for all the students and teachers returning to school! 

"In the Buddhist nation of Burma (also called Myanmar), military forces have been targeting Christians on a massive scale. In the northern Kachin state—which is predominantly Christian—approximately 400 villages and 300 churches have been destroyed, hundreds of Christians have been killed, and more than 120,000 of the Kachin people have been displaced. In the southern Karen state, which also is predominantly Christian, more than 100,000 Karen people have fled across the border to squalid refugee camps in Thailand. Yet, in spite of this hostility to followers of the Cross, Burmese people are coming to Christ out of Buddhism. (via" Source: Frontline Missions.

Way to Pray: Please pray for God’s grace for these persecuted brothers and sisters to remain strong for Jesus.

After serving twenty-six years in Europe (many of which were spent in Athens, Greece, serving refugees), the McCracken family transitioned to life in America. Since moving back to the states in 2013, Scott and two other One Collective (formerly iTeams) members started a ministry that focuses on the holistic transformation of the "at-risk" community of Rockwood in Portland, OR. Scott also helps raise awareness about Child Sex Trafficking through presentations in schools, churches, and civic groups. With 88 languages spoken in Rockwood, the McCrackens and their team have a vision to see life in the Kingdom come to the nations in Rockwood and beyond. Scott and Vicki have five children. The youngest two, Will and Ellie, are still at home with them.

Way to Pray: The McCrackens are excited to see that several churches of different denominations and ethnicities within the Rockwood Community are coming together to serve and worship. Please pray for the Rockwood Christian Community to continue to unite and serve well those in their community who might not know Jesus. 

  • Ed & Sylvia Christy's son, Grant, is in the process of applying for a work visa to live in France. Please pray that this process goes smoothly.
  • There has been recent unrest in Hong Kong leading to protesting and sometimes violent circumstances. Please pray for Cary and Reny Clifton as they go about their daily lives and ministry skirting violence. 
  • The Gfellers are looking for a new living space in Berlin. Please pray that they will be able to find the best spot for them that will also be a place to host and encourage young families from their church.

Safe Harbor provides services for victims of domestic violence and their children. Many of these services include emergency shelter, counseling, transitional housing, etc. 

Volunteers make a big difference to these women and children that Safe Harbor serves. There are several different ways to get involved at Safe Harbor including shelter advocates, living skills advocates, transportation advocates, and more. If you are interested in serving, please contact Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa Nalley, at or 864.385.7182. 


Lt. Matthew Clark
Caleb Ford
2nd Lieutenant Parker Lewis
SFC Josh McSpadden
Cpt. Laura Rodgers
Major Tiffany Scheivert
...and the many others who are in active military service.

Layla Barker
Mercedes Benitez
Robert Black
Casey Clifton
Caleb Chewning
Greg Cornwell
Ron Critser
Renae Davies
Bill DeVaney

Karen Florenza
Lynn Gleason
Marty Gonzalez
Debbie Gonzalez
Scott Hannon
Judy Harmon
Joe Heaton
Susan Huggins
Linda James

Ron Jordan
Tom Koepke
Sandra Lipscomb
Laura Lewis
Vernon Long
Charlotte Mathers
Sue McElwee
Robyn Miller

Theresa Poole
Janine Slocum
Annick Pays's father
Tita Salloum
Tom Spake
Karen Starring's father
Brittany Thomas
Tim Zeiss

Bogota, Colombia: Aug 03-Aug 10
La Vega, Dominican Republic: Oct 07-Oct 14
Barranquilla, Colombia: Oct 12-Oct 19
Vonzua, Liberia: Nov 30-Dec 09
Senegal, West Africa: Jan 17-Jan 26
Athens, Greece: May 02-May 16
Monterrey, Mexico: Jun 12-Jun 18
TBD: Jun 12-Jun 20
Cali, Colombia: Jun 13-Jun 20
Lexington, SC: Jul 12-Jul 18
Bogota, Colombia: Aug 01-Aug 08
Port au Prince, Haiti: Sep 18-Sep 24
Barranquilla, Colombia: Oct 10-Oct 17
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