Please pray for those that are out of work and struggling. 

Maddox, the oldest son of Tyler and Ashley Rehn, was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Please lift them in prayer during this tremendously difficult time. 

Jim and Mary Ann Carpenter, former members of Southside Baptist, are requesting prayer for Jim who recently had a kidney transplant (July 10). Please continue to pray for Jim and the donor, Cherie, as they continue to heal.

Please pray for Chris and Stephanie Tollison. Stephanie's father, Steve Robinson, passed away suddenly on Saturday, July 20th. Stephanie and Chris are still grieving the loss of their son. 

"After large scale attacks against Christians in southern Ethiopia left three people dead and 38 homes destroyed in 2017, it would have been easy for Christians in the region to give up. Instead, church leaders in this rural region committed to encouraging their people. Two years later, the church in the area is stronger than ever. Attendance has doubled in one church while another has planted two daughter churches. One pastor said the love and determination displayed by Christians in the aftermath of the attacks inspired Muslims in his community to approach him to ask how they could become followers of Christ. God’s glory is being displayed in southern Ethiopia, but believers there still face many challenges. (via" Source: Voice of the Martyrs

Way to Pray: Pray for provision for these believers and for more hearts to be won to Christ.


The Ingrassias have been serving more than twenty years with e3 Partners Ministry, an international evangelism and church planting ministry headquartered in Plano, Texas. Sam has led evangelism/church planting teams and leadership development conferences to Russia, Sicily, Moldova, Venezuela, Paraguay, Brazil, Haiti, and Guatemala. He serves on the senior executive team with e3 Partners, and his target countries are Romania and Colombia where he serves as Strategy Coordinator.  

He attended Dallas Seminary and was a Bible College professor and also a pastor at Jacksonville Chapel in New Jersey. Sam and his wife, Vicki, have been married for close to forty years and have three adult daughters.

Way to Pray: E3 is making some leadership shifts and re-engineering (expanding) their model of missions ministry. This is a very exciting, opportune, and unique season! The Ingrassias ask for your prayers that God's path and purpose would be crystal clear and the mission would be expanded in depth and breadth.

  • The first stage of construction at Back2Back's new Haiti site is underway! This is a site that will serve their missionaries, their trip guests, and the community well.
  • Istvan Varga and the church are starting an after school program in the local public school this fall and using it as an evangelistic tool. It's a new challenge for them to stretch themselves and to grow their relationships with the school and the parents.
  • Pray for Bernardo and Mildred Gonzalez as Mildred looks to leave her salaried job to join Bernardo full-time in ministry with E3 partners.
OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE: Julie Valentine Center

Every year, Julie Valentine Center holds a 5k to raise support for women and children impacted by sexual assault and abuse. This year, the race takes place on Saturday, August 3rd at Cleveland Park.

Julie Valentine Center would love to have some more volunteers sign up to help out this weekend! If you are interested, check out their website!


Lt. Matthew Clark
Caleb Ford
2nd Lieutenant Parker Lewis
SFC Josh McSpadden
Cpt. Laura Rodgers
Major Tiffany Scheivert
...and the many others who are in active military service.

Layla Barker
Mercedes Benitez
Robert Black
Casey Clifton
Caleb Chewning
Greg Cornwell
Ron Critser
Renae Davies
Bill DeVaney

Karen Florenza
Lynn Gleason
Marty Gonzalez
Debbie Gonzalez
Scott Hannon
Judy Harmon
Joe Heaton
Susan Huggins
Linda James

Ron Jordan
Tom Koepke
Sandra Lipscomb
Laura Lewis
Vernon Long
Charlotte Mathers
Sue McElwee
Robyn Miller

Theresa Poole
Janine Slocum
Annick Pays's father
Tita Salloum
Tom Spake
Karen Starring's father
Brittany Thomas
Tim Zeiss

Bogota, Colombia: Aug 03-Aug 10
La Vega, Dominican Republic: Oct 07-Oct 14
Barranquilla, Colombia: Oct 12-Oct 19
Vonzua, Liberia: Nov 30-Dec 09
Senegal, West Africa: Jan 17-Jan 26
Athens, Greece: May 02-May 16
Monterrey, Mexico: Jun 12-Jun 18
TBD: Jun 12-Jun 20
Cali, Colombia: Jun 13-Jun 20
Lexington, SC: Jul 12-Jul 18
Bogota, Colombia: Aug 01-Aug 08
Port au Prince, Haiti: Sep 18-Sep 24
Barranquilla, Colombia: Oct 10-Oct 17
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