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Please pray for all those traveling for summer vacation!

"Pastor Pierre Ouedraogo of Burkina Faso was talking with church members after Sunday service on April 28, 2019, when 12 armed men on motorcycles approached and ordered the Christians to gather under a tree. After confiscating Bibles and cellphones, the men demanded that the Christians convert to Islam. When the believers refused, the men took them behind the church building one at a time and shot them to death. They then set fire to the pulpit before leaving. Pastor Pierre and five others were all killed. Shortly before the attack, Pastor Pierre had told people that he felt danger was imminent, but that he would rather die for the Lord than leave the village where he had served for 40 years. (via" Source: Voice of the Martyrs

Way to Pray: Pray for the families of those killed as well as for the church and the community. There are many fellow believers, like Pastor Pierre, all around the world who are being heavily persecuted, sometimes even to the point of death, please pray that they remain faithful and that their strong reliance on God will be an example to those around them. 

In the summer of 2017, Chad and Cherry Gfeller transitioned to Berlin, Germany to begin work with refugees. Their vision for ministry is to shine the light of the gospel to those in Germany's great city of refuge. Chad has a background in collegiate athletics and coached men's soccer at North Greenville University for over a decade. Chad uses his background in soccer as an avenue to reach and serve refugees. 

Chad and Cherry have two young daughters, Quinn and Gracie who are active in ministry with their parents. Cherry's mother also lives with them in Berlin and actively participates in the work they do.  

Way to Pray: Pray for God’s will in the Gfeller's housing. Their contract is up in July and they are actively seeking if their living situation should change or stay the same. Please pray for those that they have begun discipling, that they would see the love of Jesus through the Gfellers.


This summer we've got multiple teams going to serve on mission with God. As the summer season begins, please keep these teams in mind. 

  • Monterrey, Mexico, June 14-20: Serving orphaned and vulnerable children in partnership with Back2Back.
  • Dominican Republic, June 14-22: Serving the community of La Vega, Dominican Republic with VBS, sports camps, and more in partnership with TEARS ministry.
  • Cali, Colombia, June 15-22: Evangelizing, discipling, and church planting in partnership with E3 Partners.
  • Lexington, SC, July 14-20: Participating in community development through home building and home project repair in partnership with Next Step Ministries.
  • Bogota, Colombia, August 3-10: Evangelizing, discipling, and church planting in partnership with E3 Partners.

These teams are comprised of about 90 different trip participants. We are so excited to see how God works through each of these individuals over the course of the summer!

  • Pray for the Foth's visas, support, and preparations as they move to Australia at the end of 2019.
  • Please pray for Dr. Mung as he begins the process of looking into starting an orphanage in his area of Myanmar.
  • Please pray for Jes Arellano and Christina Wells (TEARS Ministries, DR) as they prepare for various short term teams during the summer months.
OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE: High School Outreach X-Day

To foster hearts and minds focused on serving others both globally and locally, high school students will serve and learn from some of our local and global partners! On July 22, from 9 am-5:30 pm students will do a hands-on, light construction project with one of our local partners to serve a local family and in the afternoon, they will learn from one of our global partners about refugee care and how to serve those around us. 

It will cost $15 per student for this service day to cover costs for lunch and dinner. There is limited space so make sure to sign up as soon as possible. Register online.


Lt. Matthew Clark
Caleb Ford
2nd Lieutenant Parker Lewis
SFC Josh McSpadden
Cpt. Laura Rodgers
Major Tiffany Scheivert
...and the many others who are in active military service.

Layla Barker
Mercedes Benitez
Robert Black
Casey Clifton
Caleb Chewning
Greg Cornwell
Ron Critser
Renae Davies
Bill DeVaney

Karen Florenza
Lynn Gleason
Marty Gonzalez
Debbie Gonzalez
Scott Hannon
Judy Harmon
Joe Heaton
Susan Huggins
Linda James

Ron Jordan
Tom Koepke
Sandra Lipscomb
Laura Lewis
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Sue McElwee
Robyn Miller

Theresa Poole
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Annick Pays's father
Tom Spake
Karen Starring's father
Brittany Thomas
Tim Zeiss

Barranquilla, Colombia: Oct 10-Oct 17
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