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Words of Lament

Matt Rexford - 7/18/2021

What words should we use when life is hard, when it’s full of disappointment, grief, and confusion? We have been given the gift of lament, a prayer in pain that leads to trust. In the Bible, we see in the examples of Job, Jeremiah, David, and even Jesus that we are allowed to bring our honesty and messy questions to God in the middle of life’s pain.

How do we lament? 

T - Turn to God. Psalm 77: In the day of trouble I seek the Lord. Don’t give in to silent despair. Keep dragging your struggles to God, believing that he hears us. 

C - Bring your Complaints. This is different than petty whining or grumbling about inconveniences, but we can cite God’s promises feeling as if he has forgotten them. Psalm 10: Why do you stand far away? Who do you hide yourself in times of trouble? Bring your specific frustrations. Come humbly.

A - Ask Boldly. Our confidence in God’s character enables us to make bold requests. Hebrews 4: We can with confidence draw near to the throne of grace. The Psalms are full of requests such as: Grant us help, let justice be done, restore us, vindicate me, remember your covenant. 

T - Trust in the Lord. We reach a point of decision to “cross the line.” We move through the YET bridge to declare what we know to be true about God even though it may not feel true. It’s a movement all the way to active patience and trust. 

Books for further study:

A Sacred Sorrow by Michael Card

Dark Clouds Deep Mercy by Mark Vroegop 

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