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The Glory of the Cross

Charlie Boyd - 5/17/2020

SCRIPTURE: John 12:27-36

Here are the main call-outs that were on the screen for today’s message.

In and only in the Cross do you see God’s justice and his love glorified at the same time.

(1)The glory of the Cross shows us the glory of God (12:27-30). Tim Keller puts it—"Only the cross shows you a God so holy he had to die and so loving he was glad to die.”

(2)Three things happened on the Cross that show us the glory of God (12:31-33)

#1—The world is judged (31a).

#2—Satan is defeated (31b)

#3—All people are now invited (32).

God sent Jesus to save the world from God’s judgment—meaning—God will deal with and ultimately dismantle the presence of evil in the world—that dismantling began at the Cross.

The Cross reveals the glory of God because, through the Cross, the world is judged, Satan is defeated, and all people are invited to come into the light by believing in Jesus.