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The Comfort of God’s Judgment

Charlie Boyd - 5/24/2020

SCRIPTURE: John 12:35-50

The Big Idea of John 12:37-50 — Anyone and everyone can receive eternal life by believing that Jesus was sent by the Father to save them from judgment.

The passage breaks down into two parts:

(1) John’s commentary on Jesus’ final invitation to Israel (12:37-43).

When Israel would not believe, judgment came, and they could not believe. This was true of Israel in Isaiah’s day and in Jesus’ day.

(2) John’s summary of Jesus’ gracious invitation to us (12:44-50)

John’s summary includes two warnings to those who reject Jesus.

(1) If you do not believe in Jesus, you cannot know God (12:44-46). …you remain in the dark. 

(2) If you do not believe in Jesus, you remain under judgment (12:47-50). …you remain under a death sentence.

The Big Idea Restated: When you believe that Jesus was sent by a loving God to save you from judgment you receive eternal life. (cf John 3:16-19; 5:24).

This Gospel truth is both a call to unbelievers and a comfort to believers.

(1) The Call to Unbelievers (cf John 3:16-19; 5:24; 6:47).

(2) The Comfort for Believers — If you have put your faith in Jesus, your judgment day is in the past. The world’s judgment is in the future. Your future judgment is in the past. You have already heard the verdict of the Last Day—Not guilty by reason of Jesus!

Heidelberg Catechism, question #52 — How does Christ’s return to judge the living and the dead comfort you? Answer: In all my distress and persecution, with uplifted head, I confidently await the very judge who has already offered himself to the judgment of God in my place and removed the whole curse from me.

How does this Gospel comfort speak into what you are going through right now?