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Rejecting God as King

Charlie Boyd - 2/26/2023


In a culture that continues to drift farther and farther from God, the only way you won’t drift with it, is for you to honor God as King over every part of your life and build your life on the Word of the King.

SCRIPTURE: 1 Samuel 4-8


  • What is this passage about? This passage is about God’s people rejecting God as King in favor of a king they hope will make them like everybody else.
  • What does this passage teach us about God? The passage teaches us that God is our true King and that we are to give Him the love, honor, and respect He rightly deserves as our King. The key question is: How do we fail to honor God as King in our lives today? First, we fail to honor God as King when we treat Him lightly. Second, we fail to honor God as King when we don’t take His Word seriously. Summary: When we treat God lightly, it leads to, not taking His Word seriously, which leads to, adopting the beliefs and values of our godless culture, which ultimately leads to disaster.
  • How does this passage point us to Jesus? It’s simple, but profound—Jesus is our King! ..He’s nothing like the King Israel wanted in Samuel’s day. He is not a “taker”—He will make unlike other those who do not know God.

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