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Making Sense of Christmas

Charlie Boyd - 12/19/2021


Deep inside all of us, there is a desire to make sense of all the events of our lives, especially the bad things that happen to us. We want to know how bad things fit into our plan for our lives, and if you are a believer, how they fit into God’s plan for our lives. That desire is actually the image of God in us—the thumbprint of God in us. It’s the image of God in us that says, “There is a plan, a purpose for our lives, even though we don’t always know what it is or how all the pieces fit together. Nevertheless, God is always active, always working his plan together for our highest good and his greater glory. All this collides with the Christmas story we find in Luke 1. The Christmas story is the pre-eminent example of God breaking into the seeming randomness of life, the chaos of life, the meaningless of life. God breaks into this broken, fallen world and shows us that He has a plan and a purpose for history and for our lives that he is bringing to pass. And, today, we will see how this all plays out in Mary’s life and in our lives today.

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