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Life in Community

Authentic Biblical community can happen in a variety of contexts, from inside the church to outside, in schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces. Here are a few ways we see people finding this type of community inside our church.


Our Community Groups provide opportunities to come together regularly for fellowship, Bible study, and prayer in someone’s home. Groups typically include 10-12 adults of varying ages and stages of life.

Several times a year, we host Community Group Experience as an opportunity for people to step into new Community Groups. This is a six-week session to help you discover rhythms of community in your life

Once a month, adults who are retired or over the age of 60 gather together in a Senior Adults group for food, study, and fellowship. These happen on the third Thursday of the month from September to May.

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All students have the opportunity to find that same Biblical community with leaders who reflect Jesus, foster connections, and encourage growth among the group.

Elementary and middle students meet in small groups after their large group worship and teaching on Sunday mornings. High school students meet together on Sunday evenings, then as small groups in homes and coffee shops across the Upstate throughout the week.


Another way we help each other grow, in community, is by sharing and bearing one another's burdens. Our care ministries offer hope, encouragement, and practice support to those in a variety of difficult situations.

  • Hope for Children—support for those adopting or foster parenting.
  • Career Renewal—email distribution list of job opportunities for anyone currently unemployed or underemployed.
  • Counseling—lay counselors providing biblical support to individuals and couples.
  • DivorceCare and DivorceCare for Kids (DC4K)—support group for those experiencing separation or divorce.
  • Financial Coaching—trained professionals to provide expert guidance and help put you back on a financially stable path.
  • GriefShare—support group for anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one.
  • Marriage Support—counseling and growth groups to help build stronger marriages and stronger families.
  • Physical Care—team of skilled workers to help with moving or minor home/yard updates for the elderly and single parents.
  • Prayer—for anyone seeking prayer and encouragement.
  • Single and Parenting—groups who share tips and parenting wisdom to help single parents find rest, hope, and encouragement.
  • Stephen Ministry—one-to-one Christian support for anyone navigating an emotional, physical, or spiritual difficulty or crisis.
  • Taste of Grace—meal support for those recovering from illness, surgery, or loss.
  • Transportation—for those who are not able to drive and need to visit a doctor or run an errand.
  • Visitation—for anyone who is hospitalized or shut-in.
  • Weddings/Premarital Counseling—for members of Fellowship Greenville and their children.

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