Becoming A Member

We are convinced that no one—not even a solid Christian—was designed to do life alone. God's plan is for us to grow through life together, in community. And we believe that God's design for community life is found in the local church. We want Fellowship Greenville to be a place where we can discover, with others, what it means to passionately pursue life and mission with Jesus.

Certainly there are sincere followers of Jesus in many churches in our area and around the world. We don't claim to have a corner on truth. Every person who has genuinely come to faith in Jesus is our brother or sister. We can enjoy the encouragement and fellowship that comes from like-minded living as part of the greater body of believers everywhere, but we invite you to be committed to the local expression of that body here at Fellowship Greenville.

Membership in our fellowship is open to anyone who has trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior, has been baptized after putting their trust in Jesus, and is willing to support the ministry, mission, and doctrinal beliefs of Fellowship Greenville. Here are the requirements/steps for membership:

Believe in Jesus Christ

By this, we mean a personal, trusting relationship with Jesus. Before belonging to a local church, you need to consider whether you belong to Jesus. If you have questions about where you are in your journey with God, please don't hesitate to contact any one of our staff members.

Be Baptized

Just as membership is a public declaration of belonging to a local body of believers, baptism is a public declaration of belonging to Jesus. Since that's what we believe baptism is (publicly saying you belong to Jesus), we believe that baptism should happen after someone puts their personal faith in Jesus. Though we only practice baptism by immersion here at Fellowship Greenville, if you have been baptized by other means after trusting in Jesus, we do not require you to be baptized again. If you have put your faith in Jesus and are interested in being baptized, visit our baptism page for more information.

Attend a Membership Class

This class explains who we are as a church, how we function as a faith community, and what membership looks like. If you are interested in becoming a committed member of the Fellowship Greenville community, this class is your first step. Check the events page for upcoming class dates.

Be Interviewed by an Elder or Pastor

This gives you and the leadership of Fellowship Greenville a chance to get to know each other. We want to hear your personal story and we want you to know that we are approachable and value you as an individual. These interviews will be set up through our Connecting Point class. If you have completed the Connecting Point class, but chose not to do the membership interview at that time and you would like to set one up now, please contact our Membership Team.

Sign the Membership Covenant

By signing the Membership Covenant, you express your desire to enter into a bond with other believers for mutual growth and service. Our commitment is to love one another as Christ has loved us. Sign the membership covenant online.


For any questions you may have on the membership process, please contact  our Membership Team.