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Danielle has been serving in student ministry for three years and loves worshiping Jesus with students every week. Rachel has been a student in FGS for several years and values the community that surrounds her as she grows in her life with Jesus, specifically within small groups with Danielle leading the group.
Hear from both of them as they answer specific questions on what community and serving does for the next generation.
How many years have you been serving and why do you serve in student ministry?

Danielle (Leader): This is my third year serving in student ministry at Fellowship Greenville. My favorite part of serving is worshiping with the students. There is a freedom that can only be experienced during youth service. As much as I am here to serve them, they have taught me so much about the attributes of God, what it means to serve, and how to love others.

As a leader, what have you seen change in your group over the years?

Danielle (Leader): Over the past years, I've watched my girls grow—physically, spiritually, emotionally. I've watched them get their driver's licenses, get a job, but I've witnessed the Lord taking hold of their hearts. I've watched their problems and issues shift. But I've also watched their confidence in the Lord take over and influence how well they handle those issues. I've had the pleasure of watching their relationship with each other grow and strengthen. They love each other so well, and what a testament to God's love for us that has been.  
As a student, what have you learned from your leaders through your time in FGS?
Rachel (Student): All of the leaders that I have had throughout my years at FGS have taught me the importance of community. No matter my age or who was in my group, I had leaders that made sure we understood how valuable it was to have people walk with you in your faith. I have also learned how important it is to have mentors in your life that you can look up to. Danielle especially has shown me what it is like to be led by someone with more experience. She has been the most amazing example of showing me and the girls in my small group how truly loved we are by Jesus and that He created us to do His good works and not our own.
How have you seen God's faithfulness in your group of students?
Danielle (Leader): No matter what has been going on in their lives, I've continuously seen God show up. Some of my girls have lost loved ones, seen relationships wither, struggled with school, and some even carry ridiculously heavy burdens... but God still shows up. They walk away with wisdom, love, and comfort. Their trust and reliance on him is inspiring. 
How has the Lord impacted your life through your small group?
Rachel (Student): The Lord has shown himself to me time and time again in small groups through the leaders, girls, and sweet conversations we have. My leaders have led us so well over the years and have been amazing examples of God's unconditional love and grace. Extending that love and grace to me has only solidified my faith in Jesus because I know that if they can love me so much, then can't God's love be even greater? God has given me the most amazing friends through my small group, and I'm reminded weekly that these girls are my sisters in Christ, and we get to run towards Jesus together, and that is such an amazing gift.

As a leader, why would you encourage someone else to LEAD an FGS small group?

Danielle (Leader): There is no bigger blessing than being able to pour into the next generation and influence the faith of our future. More importantly, because we are called to. There is something amazing that happens when biblical mentorship happens. It's beautiful, wonderful and I am honored to be a part of it. 
As a student, why would you encourage other students to JOIN a small group?

Rachel (Student): I would encourage other students to join a small group because it is the perfect way to meet a community of believers your age. The people in your small group are going through similar experiences as you, and your leaders have likely been there once, too. Small group leaders can give you Godly advice about what you're walking through and are a steady source of God's love week in and week out. These people can end up being the most amazing community who remind you that you are known and loved by Jesus.
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