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Praying for the Persecuted

Psalm 102 ~ “Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord; that he looked down from his holy height; from heaven the Lord looked at the earth, to hear the groans of the prisoners, to set free those who were doomed to die, that they may declare…the name of the Lord and give him praise” (vv18-21).

What can we do right where we are to help those experiencing persecution? There’s desperation on all fronts, and as God’s children, it’s essential that we pray for the persecuted. 

Here’s how you can directly pray for those experiencing crisis:

  • Acknowledge God as the only one who is sovereign over all the earth.
  • Be reminded of God’s control over the destinies of nations and of all peoples.
  • Pray for the people group directly and for missionaries experiencing danger.
  • Ask God to use all available means to bring the people out of fear and bondage while acting quickly on their behalf. 
Remember, God regards the prayers of the destitute. Yes, Lord, act so that the “nations will fear the name of the Lord, and all the kings of the earth will fear your glory” (v15). I ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.

Consider giving to our missions fund as we pray about how we can best support the vulnerable in this broken world along with our missionaries who are currently serving. Head to to get started.

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