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How to Engage in Foster Care


Currently, there are over 3,800 children in foster care in the state of South Carolina. Imagine being one of those children who is unexpectedly uprooted from their home and moved to a temporary place for an unknown amount of time. It is not hard to understand why children placed in foster care face many mental and emotional challenges. 

Over 70% of children in Greenville county foster care are placed in licensed foster parents' private homes, often referred to as “family-like homes.” Fostering is a great way to care for children in need and make a difference in their lives. It can be a challenging but rewarding experience for those willing to open their hearts and homes to these children. But before you decide to become a foster parent, it's important to understand what the process entails and how you can best prepare for it. 

Here are some tips on how you can engage in foster care and what steps you should take to ensure that your home is ready for foster children. 


  • Even if you cannot directly participate in foster care, prayer goes a long way in supporting those called to create a home for at-risk children.


  • If you’re considering foster care, it’s helpful to educate yourself. Parenting kids from hard places is very different from parenting your own children. Ask questions to those who are directly involved.


  • There are ways to be involved with foster care that go beyond caring for children in your home. Look for ways to be involved by supporting other families who foster by helping with respite care and providing needed resources.

Childhood trauma is difficult to prepare for, especially for any parent wanting to participate in foster care. We desire to equip those involved or planning to be involved in foster care with tools to establish trust with a child who has been through a difficult separation. With the proper preparation, you can make a positive impact on the life of an at-risk child.

Want to learn more about what this might look like for your family or want to ask direct questions to one of our local partners? Reach out to Known & Loved as they strive to support and build stronger families through foster care. In addition to contacting this local partner, look for opportunities to join us at Fellowship Greenville for foster care events.

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Written by Rob Marks