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What steps do I take if I want to be baptized?

Welcome to FG’s baptism page. (If you're looking for kids' and teens' baptism info, please click here).

We’re delighted that you are interested in taking this important step in your faith journey, so please follow the steps below to get started:

1. Watch the 45-minute video below, Why Baptism Matters (scroll to the bottom of this page). After doing so, if you're confident that you’ve trusted Jesus with your life and want to be baptized, please move to Step 2.

2. Select the "Register" link below to sign up for next FG baptism service. *The registration process will prompt you to:

  • Affirm that you have watched the entire video below entitled Why Baptism Matters
  • Upload a recent photograph
  • Compose a brief faith story to characterize your decision trust in Jesus–see samples here

    3. After completing the Registration process, an FG staff member will call you the week before your baptism to further discuss your faith journey that led you to this decision.

    4. You will also receive an email the week of your baptism with all the details you need to make it simple, memorable, and meaningful.

    *If you’ve already created an account on our website, you'll be taken straight into registration, but if you've never created an account, you'll be prompted to do so before registering.

    Why Baptism Matters FAQs.

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