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Nate and Bethany Moore are facing a deep loss. Please lift them in prayer during this difficult time. 

Please pray for those facing cancer. There is a list below. We added Karyl Brandon to the list this week. 

"A car bomb injured 11 people during a prayer meeting in front of a Syrian Orthodox church in northern Syria. Locals in the city of Qamishli said that if the attack had happened just minutes later, people would have been emerging from the service and the number of casualties would have been much higher. The self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility and Christians fear they will continue to be targeted despite the declared victory over ISIS. (via" Source: Voice of the Martyrs.

Way to Pray: Pray that God will rebuild His church in Syria, adding to those who have chosen to stay despite the atrocities of recent years and renewing in them a steadfast spirit. 

Phil and Debbie Melton had served in Japan with EBM since the 1980s. They serve three churches in the cities of Seki, Kani, and Sakaohogi, and have been working on the completion of Camp Raphayada, a 120-person Christian camp facility in Mugi Cho. Their ministry is expanding annually, and they are seeing individuals follow Jesus with some committing to serve him in full-time ministry. Phil and Debbie have six children and eight grandchildren. After over 30 years as missionaries, after the closing of EBM they are now serving with IBM Global in New Hampshire.

Way to Pray: The Meltons are looking to establish a new Japanese church in Sakahogi. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as they start this process. Please also pray for Phil and Debbie's son Nathan as he makes plans to go to Japan as a missionary and for their son Andrew who is facing an upcoming heart operation. 


Our missionary Miriam Wheeler, will be with us on Sunday, September 15. Join her by the fireplace to encourage her and hear more about her ministry. Miriam joined Association for Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE) in 1990. For the first few years, she served in a hospital ministry in Togo, West Africa until the Lord moved her to Odessa, Ukraine in 1998 where she lived until this past May. While there, Miriam cared for the medical needs of people living in small villages surrounding Odessa. She also served as a part of a church planting team and was instrumental in caring for Ukranian refugees. Miriam's new role with ABWE is as Medical Director of International Missionary Healthcare, and she is now located in the states.

  • Ed & Sylvia Christy's son, Grant, is in the process of applying for a work visa to live in France. Please pray that this process goes smoothly.
  • Joy Anglea's mom's health has declined recently. Please pray for Joy and her father as they care for her well. 
  • Pray for Patrick Emery and his team who have just lost a loved team member.
  • Cary & Reny Clifton have long desired to start a community group in their village and have finally been able to do so. It is now six people strong. Please pray that this becomes a tight-knit community focused on Christ.
OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE: Blood Connection Drive

On Sunday, September 29, The Blood Connection mobile bus will be in parking lot D. We're encouraging you to come out and make an impact in the community.

Donating blood saves lives. Every whole blood donation has the power to save up to 3 lives. See you this Sunday!


Lt. Matthew Clark
Caleb Ford
2nd Lieutenant Parker Lewis
SFC Josh McSpadden
Cpt. Laura Rodgers
Major Tiffany Scheivert
...and the many others who are in active military service.

Layla Barker
Karyl Brandon
Mercedes Benitez
Robert Black
Casey Clifton
Caleb Chewning
Greg Cornwell
Ron Critser
Renae Davies
Bill DeVaney

Karen Florenza
Lynn Gleason
Marty Gonzalez
Debbie Gonzalez
Scott Hannon
Judy Harmon
Joe Heaton
Susan Huggins
Linda James

Tom Koepke
Sandra Lipscomb
Laura Lewis
Vernon Long
Charlotte Mathers
Sue McElwee
Robyn Miller
Theresa Poole
Janine Slocum

Annick Pays's father
Tita Salloum
Tom Spake
Karen Starring's father
Brittany Thomas
Tim Zeiss

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