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Trust Completely

by Katie Bishop

I was five-years-old when I first accepted Christ as my personal Savior, but I was always restless and grew apart from Him. I remember being around 8 years old when my mom wanted me to get baptized, but I really didn't understand what having a personal relationship with Jesus was, and that it was even possible. I strayed far, far away from God for a very long time. At times I think I blamed God for all my problems instead of seeking and truly following His guidance for my life. I wanted to be served by God without serving Him. Now I see what immersing myself in Christ, following Him, and dedicating my life to serving Him in all I do will manifest-- and that is love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, faith, and contentment. I am so thankful where God is taking me, and I trust Him fully and completely with my whole life.


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