Marriage is a beautiful illustration of Jesus and his church. It is transformative because there is, perhaps, no greater relationship that God uses to make us more like him than marriage.

Our goal is to inspire, empower, and equip the church, to help us all build stronger marriages, for stronger families, and stronger communities for the glory of God. From pre-marital counseling to growth groups and support systems for along the journey, couples are finding strength to weather the storms.

We want your marriage to be a healthy, vibrant reflection of Jesus and the church that lasts a lifetime. To do that, we have a variety of strengthening and support ministries for your marriage.

Marriage Support

Pre-Marriage Mentors
If you’re engaged, we want to help you build a strong foundation for your marriage. Our Pre-Marriage Mentors are paired with engaged couples prior to the wedding. They meet together over a period of weeks or months to prepare for the marriage, and then continue meeting periodically throughout the first year of marriage, to help ensure a strong foundation is built to last through the years to come. Contact our Marriage Support Team to be paired with a Pre-Marriage Mentor.

Note: We currently are recruiting and training additional mentors. If you and your spouse have a strong marriage, and want to help other marriages thrive, please contact us about becoming a Pre-Marriage Mentor.


Marriage Celebration

Coming February 12, 2017, we will hold a marriage celebration entitled Have Serious Fun. Details to be announced.


Marriage Growth Groups
If you’re already married, and you want to see how you and your spouse might better communicate, or feel like it might be time to check your marriage settings, join us for our next session of the Transformational Marriage growth group. We offer this nine-week series twice per year, on Sunday mornings. Child care is provided. 


Weekend Refreshment
And when you’re ready to get away for a weekend, to refocus and strengthen your marriage, we encourage you to participate in one of the upcoming Weekend to Remember conferences sponsored by Family Life.


Private Counseling
Some of our pastors are also available to counsel couples or individuals, and/or provide recommendations for licensed marriage therapists. Contact our Marriage Support Team for details.


Additional Resources

Our family ministry team has also prepared several packets of information on a variety of marital topics. We invite you to stop by the Faith@Home Resource Center in Commons West to glance through the many handouts we have available, including:

Pointers provide a biblical perspective on common family seasons and challenges along with recommended “going further” resources.

Living Together
Building a Marriage
Difficult Marriage
Unbelieving Spouse

Recipe Cards are designed to give couples and families one idea they can implement during a particular week to become more intentional about date night or Faith@Home activities such as family night, movie night, mealtime moments, bedtime blessings, etc. 

Love and Respect 
Our Mini Dreams
Hand in Hand