Give Now

We believe the Bible teaches that every Christian is called to financially support the basic operations of the ministry. Over and above regular giving, we believe the followers of Christ should contribute towards the needs of the poor, to missions, and to facility expansion. Please prayerfully consider how you might give to support this ministry. 

When you give a one-time or recurring gift, we ask that you designate how much of each gift will go to each of our five funds:

General Fund

Supports the day-to-day operational costs of Fellowship Greenville.

Missions Fund
Helps to support missionary families associated with our fellowship, local mission agencies, short-term mission trips, and designated projects. 

Benevolence Fund
Assists the less fortunate or those in temporarily difficult situations.

LXX Capital Campaign Fund
Used to fund the addition of needed space as determined by the ministry.

Dr. Walter E. Handford Endowment Fund for Outreach
Used for supporting ministries and projects that will reintroduce people to Christ and the life he offers in our local community, country, and abroad.

We appreciate your faithful, financial support of Fellowship Greenville. For concerns or questions about your giving, please contact our Accounting Team.

Generosity Booklet referred by Charlie Boyd

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