The Family Ministry of Fellowship Greenville exists to equip, resource, and encourage families one step at a time. Here at Fellowship Greenville, we recognize that families come in many different stages, sizes, and situations: divorced, blended, single, empty nest, young and old. We desire to make intentionality in all stages of life easier and more likely by providing practical tools and helpful ideas to bring people closer to God. In order to accomplish this goal, we offer a number of ways for people to connect and engage in intentionality, such as:

Faith@Home Center

Located in the Commons Area and staffed on Sunday mornings, we have a resource center filled with Pointers, books to be reviewed and loaned, Faith Path Milestone Kits, and featured resources for purchase. All books and resources are considered to be “best in class,” and they address a variety of life stages and situations. 

Parent/Baby Dedication Celebration

Twice a year, Family Ministry coordinates our Parent/Baby Dedication Celebration. This event is intended as a way for parents to commit to rearing their children to know and love God. Before the event, parents are provided with helpful tools to help them think about what it means to be intentional. The day of the event, parents celebrate the new life given with friends and family members as they dedicate their child to God and commit to intentional nurturing of faith.

Growth Groups

Twice a year, Family Ministry offers short-term, content-focused small group studies. The groups are designed to center around a common life stage or topic. Registration for the events is online and they are open to anyone.

Faith Kids Classes

Family Ministry offers a series of classes for parents and children 1st grade to 5th grade. The classes are designed to help a child process what it means to trust Christ and grow in a relationship with him. The classes are: 
  • Start Here: Overview of Bible study and prayer, and what it means to trust Christ
  • Grow: Overviewto help kids own their own faith
  • Stepping-In: Overview of what baptism is and is not, and what it means to a Christ-follower