Liberia Project

LAMP (Liberia Africa Mission Partnerships) seeks to build the body of Christ among the Vai people in Liberia through active partnerships with church-planting organizations and faith-based development groups.

Fellowship Greenville began serving the Vai people by partnering with a Community Health Evangelism (CHE) Team made up of four Liberians who traveled from village to village seeking to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of the Vai people. Because of our commitment to LAMP, the Good News of salvation through Christ has been shared and bodies of believers have been equipped to carry culturally relevant ministry to their own people. In Liberia, we are currently partnering with Water of Life, Christian Revival Church Association (CRCA), and VisionTrust.

Reading Room

In the summer of 2009, Fellowship Greenville sent a group of nine people to conduct a teacher and pastor training with the Vai people in the village of Vonzua in Grand Cape Mount County, Liberia. Developing a deep compassion for these people was easy as the team from our church quickly became inspired by the Vai people’s passion for knowledge and determination to learn in spite of their lack of resources.

It was obvious that the Vai people were open to learning of God’s love for them, and talks began of how we could provide them with more education and resources. Fellowship Greenville collected books and money, and soon the Reading Room was built by the Vai people to serve as a resource for pastors and teachers and even children in the area. Over 6000 books were shipped to Vonzua. In June 2010, the new Reading Room was dedicated.

Teachers on Mission

During 2013-14, Fellowship Greenville partnered with Christian Revival Church Association, the Liberian Ministry of Education and VisionTrust to conduct a teacher training, discipleship, and equipping program for fifty Christian school teachers in Liberia.

Teachers were trained using the Liberian Ministry of Education approved C-Certificate In-Service Curriculum. The training took place over a 12-month period in three different sessions. A discipleship and leadership track was included in order to incorporate foundational Christian truths and leadership skills. In July of 2014, thirty-six Liberian teachers received their C-Certificates thanks to the Teachers On Mission program. Fellowship Greenville was thrilled to come alongside and support an initiative that was birthed by our Liberian partner (CRCA) .  

Future endeavors for Teachers on Mission include involvement in a reading program called "Liberia Reads."  


One unanticipated delight for us has been the privilege of witnessing the birth of Vonzua Christian School—a school completely initiated, staffed, and run by members of the church in Vonzua with whom we are partnering. We have come to see this small Christian school as a direct inroad to the Muslim Community.

Our people are once again becoming essential participants in what God is doing in Liberia by becoming VisionTrust sponsors to many children who attend Vonzua Christian School. VisionTrust provides education opportunities to needy children all over the world by making sure the children receive the love of Christ, regular nutritious meals, and basic medical care. 

Getting Involved

Here are a few ways you can get involved in what God is doing in Liberia:
  • Pray earnestly for the Vai people and the LAMP project
  • Donate funds to Fellowship Greenville earmarked for LAMP
  • Pray for or donate to a Liberia GO Journey team
  • Apply to go on a GO Journey to Liberia
  • Become a sponsor for a Liberian child attending Vonzua Christian School (packets are available at the Faith@Home Center in the lobby).

Feel free to contact our Outreach Team for information on any of the items listed above.