What We Believe

What we believe is not innovative or unique. Fellowship Greenville is committed to that same core of truths that have been handed down and lived out by Christians since the times of the apostles. We think that our views fall well within the center of evangelical theology. (“Theology” refers to teaching about God; “evangelical” comes from the word meaning “good news,” and refers to the accounts of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ found in the Bible.) This means that our teaching and thinking about God are rooted in what we see he has revealed about himself in the person and work of Jesus.

We affirm and hold fast to core truths that are centered on Jesus Christ and his work and that are critical to a Biblical understanding of life. We do not want to be dogmatic or divisive about matters on which Bible-based Christians sincerely hold divergent views. This means that there may be areas of minor theological issues on which we do not hold a strict, official view—leaving individual believers freedom to sort such matters out on their own.

What follows is a conversational approach to our doctrinal beliefs (our core truths) with some practical observations following each point. The observations following each point are geared to help answer the question “What difference does this particular truth make in my life?”

    The Book: The Bible

    The Subject: God

    The Savior: Jesus Christ

    The Need: Salvation

    The Provision: The Holy Spirit

    The Destination: Mankind’s Future

    The Expression: The Church

    What Else Do We Believe?

Additional Documentation

For your convenience in reading either offline or on paper, we have the following PDFs available about our beliefs: